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Born in Las Cruces New Mexico and raised in El Paso, Texas, Lujan and his 3 siblings were raised by his parents Joe and Norma Lujan. Filmmaking was not Lujan's first career goal. His Fascination with animals lead him to pursue a career as a Veterinarian, But with the inspiration of horror films such as "Scream", "I know what you did Last Summer", and "Wrong Turn" his interests began to shift. In 2002 his older sister took him and his younger brother out of school to watch a film they had all been waiting to be released. At the end of the film, as the roll credits began, Lujan made his decision on what his career was going to be "That's what I'm going to do", the title of the film was Resident Evil. He then grew up performing in his own short films along with his siblings, and relatives.  He graduated from Montwood High School in 2007.  Lujan then landed a set of jobs producing and directing commercials for local businesses.

Before his success in the Sci-Fi/Action genre, Joe Lujan focused mainly on the Horror genre. In 2014 His film “Rust," began as a short film. With no budget, he had his friends as his cast and shot the entire film in one day.  Lujan screened the film at a number of film festivals and received overwhelming compliments and requests to see more of the menacing character of  "Travis McLennan".  Lujan then Wrote & Directed the feature film followed by its sequel “Ru2t” which won "Best Horror Feature Honorable Mention" at the Upstate NY Horror Film Festival in 2017. Most recently the third and final installment

"Rust 3" wrapped production in Winter 2019 and set for a Summer 2020 release.


Prior to 2013, Lujan had begun writing a script based for a horror film, citing the fears

of being imperfect and the experiences of events that took place when he was in high 

school. Upon completing the script Lujan wanted to express his artistic vision through 

every element of the film, He then designed the sets, props, costumes, and went on to 

create a set of artistic fashionable promotional trailers. The film went on and picked up awards for "Best Costumes", "Best Trailer", and "Best Horror Feature". The film soon received wide exposure from media. In 2015 a live-action experience based on the film opened its doors in Las Vegas and was labeled "Best Horror Escape Room in Nevada" This film is known as “Atelophobia”. Lujan continued on with a sequel that had its nation-wide release in May 2019.


In 2015 Lujan began writing an adaptation of an online comic book series he created 

back in 2009. This adaption was a Sci-Fi /Action tale of fictional characters, introducing 

a shared universe of all his feature films. He introduced "Trikalypse" a character that 

leads the story of the film known as “The Immortal Wars” which has earned numerous awards from many Film Festivals such as “Best Sci-Fi Feature” and Best Visual Effects” . The sequel “The Immortal Wars: Resurgence” was released internationally on July 2nd 2019. The 3rd and final installment begins production in mid-2020. This story has spread into a Limited Series "The Immortal Wars: Rebirth" set for a Fall 2020 release, a Mini-Series titled "The Dawning" streaming now, and a published comic book series "The Vanquishers" and "Trikalypse" in book stores now.